Monday, August 22, 2016

Esfuerza al maximo

We have a phrase from Preach My Gospel that we use in our Mission- it is in the section that describes what it means to be A Successful Missionary.  It says that to be successful you need to "work with your maximum effort", but the phrase sounds so much better in Spanish, it says "esfuerza al maximo".  President Haws has embellished the phrase with physical outward manifestations of effort.  At Zone Conferences and Mission Leadership Council and generally anytime we get together with the missionaries the phrase comes up and usually includes visuals.  Some of our missionaries have even taken to the street to express their enthusiasm with "esfuerza al maximo"!!  See below!
Hermana Sump and Hermana Perez
Elder Lagarda and Elder Davidson
Elder Gale and Elder Knoblich

Hermana Tellez and Hermana Garcia
Hermana Mero and Hermana Cruz

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  1. I'll think of you when I feel more like "esfuerza al minimo."