Sunday, August 7, 2016

Palenque Zone Interviews

   We did Zone Interviews in Palenque!  Most people are excited to go to Palenque for the fantastic ruins that are there, we have been to Palenque 3 times and have not gone near them!  We are excited to go to Palenque to see our Missionaries!  Our missionaries tell us the ruins are spectacular and I am sure that we will see them before we leave, this trip we did get a chance to walk around the city of Palenque and that was great!  The purpose of this trip was to check in with the missionaries - they are all doing well and finding people to teach!  I mentioned that we bring in food at each Zone Interview - this time it was Burger King.  Elder Walker and Elder Beal helped me to go and pick it up.  It was wonderful to get to know them better and they were kind and helpful.

President Haws summarizes the
Zone goals after lunch.

Hermana's Santos, Guzman,Haws, Scholes and Soto!

Palenque Zone Leaders, Elder Vizcaino
and Elder Walker, with
President & Hna Haws
Elder Lopez is showing that we
work hard in this mission!

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  1. We need to remedy the Palenque ruins dearth when we visit.