Sunday, September 17, 2017

Baptisms around the Mission

Our purpose as missionaries is to bring people into the kingdom of God through baptism.  Each week we are able to baptize many people in this part of the world.  It is wonderful to see the light of Christ and the happiness and joy that it brings to people's lives as they follow Christ's example and make changes in their lives and Come unto Him through baptism.  Here are a few of the people that have been welcomed into the Church recently in the Mexico Villahermosa Mission.

Hermana Perez and Hermana Perez in Palenque

Elder Barajas and Elder Cardon in Comalcalco

Elder Rivera and Elder Petersen in Acayucan

Elder Anieves and Hermanas Jarquin, Martinez
and Gonzalez in Villahermosa

Elder Torres and Elder Fairbanks in Carmen
Elder Perez and Elder Pedroza in Gaviotas
with President Haws

Elders Castillo, Pérez, Pedroza and Echeverria
with a group of members in Gaviotas

Elder Taylor-Jones with Elder Milan in Las Rosas

Hermana Rodriguez and Hermana Kennedy
in Minatitlan

Elder Thompson and Elder Peterson in Carmen

Elder Raudales and Elder Petersen
in Coatzacoalcos

Hermana Villareal and Hermana Gonzalez
in Carmen

On the Road in Southern Mexico

 President Haws and I travel around the Mission a lot!  We travel to all corners of the Mission for Zone Conferences, Interviews with the Missionaries, Stake Conferences, special needs of the missionaries.  I love to snap pictures of the beautiful and varied things that we see. I thought you might like to see what is around the southeast end of Mexico, which includes all of the State of Tabasco, parts of the States of Chiapas, Campeche, Oaxaca and VeraCruz.
The trees are incredible, everywhere we go! We are definitely surrounded by jungle and green.  It is always green, year round.  I guess the heat and humidity can produce beautiful things.

Things around Villahermosa:

Giant Grass Clock in Centro

Water tower painted like a forest!
Mirador - the look out tower in
Centro of Villahermosa

The view down the river from Mirador
A historic building in Centro of Villahermosa,
there is a book store in the first floor now.

Sites on the Road:
There are banana trees everywhere!  There are fields full of them, but also there are banana trees growing by the side of the road, around houses, in small groups and large fields or groves of them.  As a result, there are trucks full of green bananas and carts full of them for sale.

Fruit stand in front of Mission Office

Another fruit that is plentiful this time of year is the Rambutan.  We see trucks full of them on the road. But there is a stand on the street in front of the Mission Office that is there daily selling Rambutans and Pitaya(star fruit) 
A water tower painted like a fox!  It certainly lent
itself to someone's creativity.
Clown on a motorcycle- of course!
Street closed off for a party! with a food
cart close by, Elotes y Esquities- the best!
A group of cowboys (legitimate cowboys)
hanging out in front of an OXO (like 7-11)
Cow - VW bug
A man selling bread (pan) from his

Monday, September 4, 2017

July Circle of Mission Life

New Arrivals - Hermana Niro, Elders Duque,
Rodriguez and Martinez

Missionaries going home- back row:  Elders Garduño, Castillo, Smith, Aguirre,
Barajas, Pedroza, Aguilar and Alvarez
Front row:  Hermanas Wilson, Garcia and Perez and Hermana and Presidente Haws
     July 17th was our transfer day. We had a wonderful Farewell dinner and fireside on Sunday night with the group of 11 great missionaries that went home.  We appreciate their service and love of the Lord and we wish them a wonderful life as they return home.

Farewell at the Airport

A family of converts came to say goodbye to
Elder Smith and Elder Pedroza
One last Esfuerza al máximo!!
Hermana Wilson goes
up the escalator
Elder Smith took the stairs

Our new group of Missionaries arrive!  It is a small, but mighty group!

Hermana Niro, Elders Duque, Rodriguez and Martinez, the jackets
will come off soon

Sunday, September 3, 2017

July Zone Conferences

The July Zone Conferences had a little different format.  We had teaching and practicing, but we added some fun with a sports/play time as part of the day. Also, President Haws barbecued hamburgers before we left Villa and we served them hot at the Conferences.  It was really great to have the fellowship and camaraderie that comes from playing together and eating together. We had multiple Zones at each Conference and at two of the Conferences, a couple of Zones went above and beyond and made Zone shirts to show their loyalty to one another.  In the Villahermosa Conference, Gaviotas made shirts with their individual symbol and the Zona Gaviotas on the front.  In the Coatzacoalcos Zone Conference, Cardenas Zone personalized their shirts with embroidered Name Tags, Moroni's and a Mexico flag- then the Zona Cardenas and the Elders names on the back.
    President taught about the Christlike attribute of forgiveness and we practiced teaching.  Then we played all sorts of sports- soccer, baseball, tossed an American football, volleyball, etc.  Everyone felt uplifted and rejuvenated to go out to work.

Cardenas Zone showing their Mexico flags and Moroni's

Elder Jackson, Alcalá, Monterrosas and
Rodriguez loading their plates
Cardenas Zone shows their stuff with
Presidente Haws
Elders Raudales, Taylor-Jones, Gomez, Cardon
and Hendricks getting their hamburgers

The Hermanas getting their food. Hermanas
Ortega, Hernandez, Huber, Sanchez and

Elder Gramajo doing a selfie with the group

Elder Hernandez and Smith representing
Cardenas Zone
Elder Hernandez and Smith playing
catch while wearing their colors
Gaviotas Zone each had their own symbol for
their shirts

The back of Gaviotas Zone shirts-
"Need More Pozol"

Elder Alvarez and Elder Anieves

The Carmen Zone came in their own Combi to join
the Conference in Villahermosa

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Our Wonderful Hard Working Missionaries

We love being out with the missionaries, in their areas, in their lessons, in their apartments(doing apartment inspections 😊) and in their Wards and Branches.  We try to snap a picture whenever we can. I wanted to share a few of the photos of the missionaries in Villahermosa  Mission.
Elder Cardon and Elder Barajas teaching
a lesson in Comalcoalco

Elders Cardon and Barajas with the investigators
and members in Comalcoalco

Elder Carrasco and Elder SanPablo
in Candelaria

Elder Worley in Balancan doing his
own new form of Esfuerza al máximo!

Elder Lagos and Elder Lagarda out working
in Acayucan
Elders Hernández and Porres in their apartment
with Elder Knudsen, reviewing the teaching

Out doing apartment inspections, Office
Elders Wilkins and Knudsen helping me.
Elders Alcalá and Jackson and
Elders Porres and Hernández
Elder Hernández has his very own
Esfuerza al máximo mug
Elder Cardon and Elder Roque in
front of their house in Comalcoalco
Elder Alcalá and Elder Jackson in
front of their apartment in Paraiso, no
the construction is not on their house.

Elders Gomez and Taylor-Jones in
front of their house is Coatzacoalcos

Hermanas Perez and Perez! with
Hermana Haws in Palenque
Esfuerza al máximo- just pops out!

Hermanas Gonzalez and Wilson with an investigator
in Villahermosa
Presidente Haws with Elders Mortensen, Cardenas,
Avila and Romero - the Benemerito Elders!
Elder Avila made President a tie out of  palm leaves
Always a welcome site - a big package
for Elder Dial!  We delivered it to Zapata
when we went for Interviews with the
President.  Elder Dial and his companion
Elder Armenta are happy to have it!
Our minivan gets a workout moving
things around the Mission. These
Elders just helped me load extra
materials from their apartment to
take to other apartements. Elders
Monterrosas, Knudsen, Smith
and Wilkins
Moving a washing machine from one
apartment to another - thanks to
Elder Villaseñor, Wilkins, Knudsen
Anieves and Bauzan!