Monday, February 19, 2018

#Ilumina el Mundo

In December we participated once again in the initiative of #Ilumina el Mundo or #Light the World.
We received 2,000 Pass-along Cards
from Mexico City Area Office.  Elders
Villaseñor, Falcon and Hendricks
begin the project.  We counted them  
into stacks of 100's to distribute 
to the missionary companionships 
for them to hand out to everyone!

All the Office Elders help to count and
prepare the #Iluminaelmundo cards to
take out to the missionaries

 Elder Estrella and Elder Serrato making
stacks of the cards

Presidente Haws joins in the counting
-everyone helped!

Elders Falcon, Pérez, Villaseñor and
Martinez helping with the cards

At Zone Conferences we previewed the Ilumina el Mundo
video and handed out the Pass-along cards.

Everyone was encouraged to participate in the beautiful
message of the Initiative to follow Christ's example of
showing love to those around us through service, as Jesus did! 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

November Zone Conferences

Presidente Haws with his second counselor of Mission Presidency,
Presidente Valencia and Presidente Castillo, Zapata District President.
We were in Balancan for Zone Conference, and they had an opportunity
to meet together, they are both in the Balancan Branch.
In November we did a Zone Conference in each of the 9 Zones.  We taught and practiced and pre-viewed the #Light the World Initiative. We did a formal group picture of each Zone. So look for your missionary below!
Coatzacoalcos Zone

Minatitlan Zone

Gaviotas Zone

Zapata Zone

Tenosique Zone

Carmen Zone

Cardenas Zone

Acayucan Zone

Villahermosa Zone
The Hermanas from Coatza Zone;
Hermanas Martinez, Casteneda, Mero
DeJesus, Olguin and Perez

President Haws teaching

Zapata Zone listening and following
along in their scriptures

Tenosique Zone listening to President Haws

Hermanas Velez, Kennedy, Morales and
Jimenez are listening while Hermana Macedonio
does a practice teaching

Every Zone loves to show their Esfuerza al Máximo!!!
Coatza Zone esfuerza al máximo!

Mina Zone esfuerza al máximo!

Gaviotas Zone esfuerza al máximo!

Zapata Zone esfuerza al máximo!

Tenosique Zone esferza al máximo!

Carmen Zone esfuerza al máximo!

Cardenas Zone esfuerza al máximo!

Acayucan Zone esfuerza al máximo!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Zapata District Conference

   October 22nd we had the Zapata District Conference in the Palenque building. The District has 7 Branches in it and the members came from all 7 Branches, in combis, buses, taxis, cars and on foot. Some came from as far as 3 hours away, the Branches are in Candelaria, El Triunfo, Tenosique, Balancan, Emiliano Zapata, Palenque and Benemerito. There were 504 people in attendance, which is the largest attendance we have had in the District for a Conference. President Haws presided at the Conference and it was a wonderful meeting.  There is such a feeling of strength among the members and all could feel the Spirit as the Conference messages were given.  The District has two Zones of our missionaries assigned to them. It was really great to be with them and the investigators that they brought to the Conference.
Missionaries from Zapata and Tenosique Zones with me and Presidente
we handed out Pass-along cards to all the members encouraging them
to contact their friends and neighbors with the beautiful message of the Gospel

Presidente with the Benemerito Elders! Elders
Cardenas, Graves, Duque and Rodriguez

The Benemerito Elders love
Presidente Haws!

Our beautiful missionaries!!

Buses and Combi (transport vans) in the parking
lot of the Palenque building for the Conference
Jovenes (young men) from the
Palenque Branch
Hermanas Sanchez and Hernandez with
some of their recent converts from the
Zapata Branch!
Elder Méndez and Elder De la Cruz are Zone
Leaders in Tenosique, visiting with
a member,

Elder Hernandez came on the bus with
the members from Tenosique
Elder Hernandez saying goodbye

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

October Mission Circle of Life

Around the Circle of Mission Life we go- it turned over again on October 9th. We sent home 7 of our veteran missionaries who we know and love and appreciate so much and received 9 new missionaries that we look forward to teaching, working with and loving!

Los Grandes -Leaving Elders Carneiro, Maldonado,
Piña and Hermanas Soto, Corona, 
Santos and Gonzalez
Office Elders are always helpful
and always getting in on the act!
Elders Hendricks,  Elder Pérez, Elder
Solano, Elder Knudsen, Elder Falcon
and Elder Martinez
Elder Piña was Assistant to President for 5 months
we will miss his great happy attitude and him!
The final farewell at the airport
Hermanas Soto and Corona
Up the escalator the go. . . .

Elder Carneiro

Hermana Santos

Elders Piña and
Then we go wait by the glass doors,
The Assistants, Elders Solano y Pérez
and the Office, Executive Secretary
Elder Falcon and Finance Secretary
Elder Hendricks

Our new missionaries: Hermanas Narvarro, Olguin, Macedonio
and Elders Peña, Villegas, Gonzalez, Justice and Santos!
Hermanas meet their companions

Elders meet their companions

The map of the Mission, we explain all the areas
and show them where they are going