Sunday, March 4, 2018

December Special Transfer

On December 14th we had a special transfer - special because it was a part from the regular Transfer days, special because it was a special group of Hermanas- it was the group that arrived 3 days after we started as Mission President.  So this was our first group to go home that had only been with us. It was a sad and wonderful day- sad because we will miss them, but wonderful because we have seen all three of them grow and become something different than the day they arrived. We sent them home stronger, more rooted in the Gospel, stronger testimonies of our Savior Jesus Christ and more confident and capable and . . .more tired.  Their 18 months had arrived on December 14th and President sent them home to their families for Christmas!
Adios grandes Hermanas - Hermana Perez, Hermana Castaneda and Hermana Morales - we love you!

The Villahermosa Hermanas joined us
for the Farewell Dinner, it was a
beautiful group - from top left Hermanas
Rodriguez, DeJesus, Bistrain, Castaneda,
Perez, Torres, Morales and Perez

Hermanas Torres, Castaneda and Morales

It's official - they are going home. Adios Grandes
Farewell hug for Hermana Perez

Farewell hug for Hermana Castaneda

The three Hermanas display an afghan
that a Sister in Coatza made for
Hermana Castaneda - beautiful!

Three Week Training for the November Arrivals

We had the "News" return with their companions for Three Week Training, on December 7th.  It was a big group, but a successful and informative day for all.

November group of Missionaries with their Trainers/Companions, the AP's and
Hermana and Presidente Haws

President teaching the philosophies and principles
of the Mission

We have various versions - but it is still all - esfuerza al máximo!!

November Consejo

Villahermosa Mission Leaders
The first Wednesday after a Transfer day is our Mission Leadership Council or Consejo.  It is one of my favorite days in the cycle of the Mission - all the Zone Leaders and the Sister Training Leaders come into the Mission Office and we join together to discuss the Mission. President Haws always does excellent teachings about leadership principles and the philosophy of the Mission. He gives his vision of the Mission and we review the Key Indicators and discuss how we are doing as a Mission. Then there is council and discussion with the President and the Mission Leaders about various matters of importance and how we can help the Missionaries and the Mission.  I love to see the growth in the individuals and the Mission.  It feels like we are always progressing and moving forward - the Lord is definitely directing the Mission and guiding through inspiration the President and all the missionaries.
Some of the Zone Leaders, doing a selfie with
Hermana Haws

November Consejo ~

Sister Training Leaders

Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders
work together to set the goals for their Zone

Discussing what are their Zone's needs

Zone Leaders working with the Sister Training Leaders

Presidente Haws teachings and principles for the

Elder Pérez and Elder Estrella, AP's, with more of
Presidente Haws teachings

Lunch break - this Consejo it is Subway!

Siempre Esfuerza al Máximo!

Sam's Visit!

Every once in a while we get a visit from one or more of our children.  This time our son Sam came down for the week of Thanksgiving (which really is nothing here, but for him it was a lighter week of work in the U.S., so easier time to come here).  But it happened to be the busiest time of our Transfer Cycle, which we warned him about and he said- that's ok, I will just tag along and get to see what you really do and then he could do his work on his computer, while we were doing all our stuff.  So here are a few fun photos with Sam, in the Mission, with missionaries and him getting to see the real Mission!
Sam with Presidente y Hermana Haws at the
Farewell Dinner/Fireside in the Mission Home

Sam got to see Presidente y Hermana Haws teaching
the Trainers on Sunday night before the News arrived.

At the airport on Monday morning - Sam was joining
the Office Elders in a selfie with the Leaving
Missionaries and Presidente y Hermana Haws

On Wednesday, Sam joined Elder Hendricks and
Elder Serrato for a selfie with the Leadership Council

So - OXXO's are a staple in Mexico. There is one about
every other block. So as we were going in for a cold drink,
into one of these OXXO's - I said I have
never gotten a picture of an OXXO
- and well - now we have one! Thanks Sam!

Cascadas de Misol Há ~

   On Thursday, Thanksgiving day, we got to do something fun and spectacular before Sam had to leave on Thursday night. We visited one of the top ten waterfalls in Mexico, which just happens to be in our Mission boundaries and near Palenque - Misol Ha!  It is spectacular. It was raining hard that day, but we were not dissuaded and we were rewarded for our perseverance. By the time we arrived it was drizzling and that soon gave way - so we were able to climb around and enjoy the beauty and Sam even went swimming under the waterfall!

Cascadas de Misol Ha

Sam with us in front of the waterfall

There was water every where, even
from the sky!

The path that goes behind the waterfall

Sam and I behind the waterfall

You know it must be low, if I have to

President on the path

Me, President and Sam!!

Sam even gave us a farewell as he went
up the escalator of Esfuerza al Máximo!

WE LOVE YOU SAM. . . .until next time

November Mission Circle of Life

 We had 9 wonderful missionaries go home on November 20th! We will miss their wonderful skills, attitudes and strength in the Mission. Back row, left to right -Elders Balderas, Cascante, De La Cruz, Hernandez and Echeverria; front row, left to right - Hermanas Flores, Bustos, Hernanez and Mero.
Five Elders happy to finish together!
Five Elders showing what it really feels like to finish!

Official Farewell Photo at the Airport

One final Esfuerza al Máximo!
 Elders up the excaltor

Hermanas up the escaltor
Hasta luego!
The "News" come through the glass doors, we
welcome them and and give brief instructions.
New Missionaries to the México Villahermosa Misión!

Bus ride from the airport to the Mission Office
with the new misisonaries

The Trainers and the News listen to President Haws
and await their assignments 
News meet their first companion, Trainer!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Carts! Carts! and more Carts!

So ever since we arrived 20 months ago, I have seen carts everywhere and for everything.  I have wanted to share the many photos I have taken of the various carts and I haven't even capture half of what I have seen and what there are out there.  Basically, if you have a bike cart, push cart or motorcycle cart - you can sell anything and you can sell it anywhere. It is amazing the things people are able to do here, they have initiative and they get it done!  Here are just some of the carts I have seen and captured and some of the things they sell.  The places around them are interesting too, you will notice various streets, highways, and sidewalks, parking lots!
In Villahermosa along the side of the highway,
he is selling pan(bread)

A neighborhood in Ciudad del Carmen,
selling food, probably tacos

A street in Villa, not sure what he is selling

In traffic in Villahermosa

In Villa, selling pozol - don't know what it is -
ask your missionary, they do!

Same cart, up close- selling Pozol, bien
frio with sugar and chocolate!

A neighborhood in Villa, selling ice cream

Riding in front of the Mission Office,
selling Pozol!

Selling horchata and other juice

We were stopped at a State line crossing, I'm
not sure what he has in his basket, my guess is
bread for sale.

Selling bread - these flat boxes are what
you see when they are selling bread
This is like a taxi, transportation for hire,
but I have never seen it with offerings
for handicap clients - pretty cool!

This cart is selling tacos, he is right by a busy taxi and
combi stop in Villahermosa

Along a street in Villa, selling paletas! (like a

Another Pozol cart!

Selling juice!

Selling elotes & esquites, in front of
Sam's Club in Villa

Taco cart in the morning, selling in front of an
OXXO (like a 7-11 only better)

Selling in front of a school

Selling phone gadgets and stuff in Villa

Elotes y Esquites!!! selling on a walkway
by a big lagoon in Villahermosa