Sunday, July 9, 2017

Our Wonderful Hard Working Missionaries

We love being out with the missionaries, in their areas, in their lessons, in their apartments(doing apartment inspections 😊) and in their Wards and Branches.  We try to snap a picture whenever we can. I wanted to share a few of the photos of the missionaries in Villahermosa  Mission.
Elder Cardon and Elder Barajas teaching
a lesson in Comalcoalco

Elders Cardon and Barajas with the investigators
and members in Comalcoalco

Elder Carrasco and Elder SanPablo
in Candelaria

Elder Worley in Balancan doing his
own new form of Esfuerza al máximo!

Elder Lagos and Elder Lagarda out working
in Acayucan
Elders Hernández and Porres in their apartment
with Elder Knudsen, reviewing the teaching

Out doing apartment inspections, Office
Elders Wilkins and Knudsen helping me.
Elders Alcalá and Jackson and
Elders Porres and Hernández
Elder Hernández has his very own
Esfuerza al máximo mug
Elder Cardon and Elder Roque in
front of their house in Comalcoalco
Elder Alcalá and Elder Jackson in
front of their apartment in Paraiso, no
the construction is not on their house.

Elders Gomez and Taylor-Jones in
front of their house is Coatzacoalcos

Hermanas Perez and Perez! with
Hermana Haws in Palenque
Esfuerza al máximo- just pops out!

Hermanas Gonzalez and Wilson with an investigator
in Villahermosa
Presidente Haws with Elders Mortensen, Cardenas,
Avila and Romero - the Benemerito Elders!
Elder Avila made President a tie out of  palm leaves
Always a welcome site - a big package
for Elder Dial!  We delivered it to Zapata
when we went for Interviews with the
President.  Elder Dial and his companion
Elder Armenta are happy to have it!
Our minivan gets a workout moving
things around the Mission. These
Elders just helped me load extra
materials from their apartment to
take to other apartements. Elders
Monterrosas, Knudsen, Smith
and Wilkins
Moving a washing machine from one
apartment to another - thanks to
Elder Villaseñor, Wilkins, Knudsen
Anieves and Bauzan!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

June Mission Circle of Life

June 5th was our Transfer day and our send the grand missionaries home day and receive the wonderful excited new missionaries Day!  The circle of life turns very fast in the Mission.  It seems we just did this!
Los Grandes Misioneros! Leaving the Mission; Elders Amaro,
Davis, Najera, Solis, Sanchez, Urbano and Olvera

The final send off at the airport!
President Haws with some final words for them

Up the escalator they go!
Adios Villahermosa
The new missionaries:  Elders Fullmer, Navarro and Hernández
and Hermanas Velez and Kennedy

Loading the van to go to the office

Orientation with their companion/trainers with
Presidente Haws and the Assistants

Elder Fullmer with Elder Hamblin
going to Parrilla, Gaviotas Zone

Hermana Kennedy and Hermana Rodriguez
going to Buenavista in Minatitlan Zone

Hermana Mero and Hermana Velez
going to Puerto Real in Carmen Zone

Elder Navarro and Elder Canche
going to Macuspana in Gaviotas Zone

Elder Hernandez and Elder Porres
going to Comalcalco, Cardenas Zone

The News with their Trainers

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Our Beautiful New Granddaughter!

Rosamund Ann Frost
On June 4th, we received a phone call in the middle of the night that our granddaughter was on her way to be born.  We waited for the moment to Face Time with them and see her.  Then, that morning as we were walking into the Carmen Stake Conference - our daughter texted us a picture of our beautiful new granddaughter! Our daughter knew that we were about to go into a Stake Conference and wouldn't be able to talk, but she wanted us to know as soon as she was born.  We are so thrilled and happy to announce the addition of Rosamund Ann Frost to our family.  All are well and happy back in California!
   (I just had to pause from the Mission news to share our wonderful family news)

Ian, Sara, Milton and Eleanor with baby Rose

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Se Esfuerza al Máximo all over the Mission

In Preach My Gospel  or Predicad Mi Evangelio there is a section about what it is to be a successful missionary.  We started teaching the missionaries from this section from the first day that we started.  One of the attributes of a successful missionary is -"Work effectively every day, do your best to bring souls to Christ, and seek earnestly to learn and improve."  Well, President Haws pointed out from the beginning that it sounds better in Spanish and that he loved the important phrase "se esfuerza al máximo".  Here it is in Spanish- "Trabaja eficazmente todos los días, se esfuerza al máximo por llevar almas a Cristo y trata sinceramente de aprender y de mejorar".  It has become a theme throughout the Mission to express the desire to work with our maximum effort! Our missionaries think of it often and act it out frequently, with their Zone, companions, members, converts, and everywhere really.  I thought it would be fun to share some of the many different poses that have been struck:
Acayucan Zone Missionaries with members and Presidente
and Hermana Mata, First Counselor in the Mission Presidency

Elder Porres and Elder Rodriguez even
found Patrick getting into esfuerza! 

Elder Vizcaino, in the Office, as he is leaving to go
home to the Dominican Republic, has to get in
one last "Esfuerza"!

Hermana Perez and Hermana Perez in Palenque
with their recent converts!
Elder Aguilar and Elder Clifford with their
convert at her baptism!
Elder Rivas showing the esfuerza!

Hermana Garcia and Hermana
Palomares in Coatzacoalcos helping
with their clima delivery - esfuerza!
Elder Fairbanks and Elder DeLeon in Carmen!

Elder Maldanado, demonstrating his
artist work, of esfuerza al máximo!
Hermana Jarquin and Hermana Garcia even
got their doctor to show his esfuerza al máximo!
June Mission Leadership Council - Consejo, siempre demostrando
su esfuerza al máximo!

Elder DeLeon- esfuerza and
ready for the sun!
Balancan area Elders with Presidente Valencia, Second
Counselor in the Mission Presidency!