Saturday, August 20, 2016

Mission Leadership Council

We had our second Mission Leadership Council with all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training leaders from the Mission.  They all come from all corners of the Mission into Villahermosa and we meet at the Stake Center next to the Mission Office.  They receive training on the principles that President Haws feels are important for the Mission, to help the missionaries and  for them to help the investigators they are teaching.  It is a wonderful uplifting day.  We had quite a few changes in the Zone Leaders and a few changes in the Sister Training Leaders.  Also, we are getting a firmer grip on everything mission, our first Mission Leadership Council was just 7 days after we started, so this one felt better for all of us.

We have wonderful missionaries and our Leaders are great examples to all the missionaries.

Villahermosa Mission Leaders

Sister Training Leaders with Hermana Haws
Hermana Garcia, Hermana Wilson, Hermana Cruz, Hermana
Soto, Hermana Scholes, Hermana Warren

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  1. I would love to sit in on your training meetings, especially yours, Hermana Haws. Lucky young ladies to be learning from you!