Saturday, December 31, 2016

Zone Conferences and Interviews - Carmen Zone

Carmen Zone - November 19, 2016
It is a selfie, because there was no one to take it!

Carmen Zone Hermana's with Hermana Haws
Hermana's Rolly, Romero, Keller, Mota, Perez, Warren,
Garcia and Perez

The Carmen Zone was the last of the nine Zones!  We followed the same format, but this time the Assistants did not attend and the Zone Leaders, Elder Herrera and Elder Hernandez did the teaching, while I introduced the Christmas Initiative- by this time I, personally,  had now watched the Christmas Initiative 50 times, because at each Zone Conference we watched it at least 4 times, because it was so good!  We loved it and the missionaries loved sharing it throughout December.

Elder Herrera teaching, with Elder Hernandez

Hermana Garcia & Perez with
Hermana Warren & Perez

Hermana Romero & Mota with
Hermana Keller & Rolly

Elder's Benitez & Coronel with
Elder Gomez & Hadley

Zone Conferences and Interviews - Coatzacoalcos Zone

 The Coatzacoalcos Zone is the largest Zone and the Districts are spread out in that area and we were trying to fit all the Zone Conferences into the time we had that week of November.  So we did the Interviews and Training with each District at three different times.  We did the Gaviotis District in the evening on the same day as the Acayucan Zone.  Each missionary had a personal interview with the President and the Assistants and I introduced the Initiative and continued to teach.
Coatzacoalcos Zone- Gaviotis District - November 17, 2016
Coatzacoalcos Zone - Mirador District - November 18, 2016

Gaviotas District

Hermana Mero leading the singing in
Mirador District
Mirador District
Elder's Travezaño, Cardon and Najera

Las Choapas District

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Zone Conferences and Interviews - Acayucan Zone

Acayucan Zone - November 17, 2016 

From Minititlan, the next day we went to the Acayucan Zone, the farthest Zone, to the west, in our Mission.  It is in the state of Vera Cruz.  We met with the missionaries there in the morning.  We had them make their own sandwiches again and it was a big hit. They had a choice of turkey, ham, or peanut butter and jam.  They configured many different combinations.  I brought along a can of refried black beans, because in Mexico, they put beans on their sandwiches!
President interviewed each missionary and the Assistants and I . . . introduced the Christmas Initiative and taught about teaching and finding investigators.
Missionaries waiting to talk
to Presidente Haws

Elder Davis translates for me as I teach.

The missionaries listen and prepare to take a turn
practicing a street contact with the Initiative


The Hermanas go first, Hermana's
Hernandez, Pérez, Gonzales and Greenwood

Elder Wilkins and Lopez and Porres

Elder Smith and Piña

Elder Garduño and Canche and Moya
Final thoughts after the group photo

Zone Conferences and Interviews - Minititlan Zone

Miniatitlan Zone - November 16, 2016
The Zone Conference in Minititlan was the same day as the Cardenas Zone and a two hour drive away.  We met with them in the evening and taught while President interviewed each missionary.  You can see that they are off to a good start, they are showing their #Ilumina el Mundo. 25 Ways in 25 Days calendars.

Introducing the Christmas Initiative

Elder Davis teaching from the Book of Mormon

President wraps up the Conference teaching with impressions
that he gets during the interviews

Zone Conferences and Interviews - Cardenas Zone

Cardenas Zone - November 16, 2016

Our next Zone Conference was in the Cardenas Zone.  We taught the same thing and enjoyed learning about the Christmas Initiative and watching the beautiful video.  In the Cardenas Zone, we had the missionaries make their own sandwiches, it was very interesting to see the combinations they came up with and everyone enjoyed the food and the camaraderie.

Presenting the Christmas Initiative

Hermana Haws teaching with Elder Hancock

Elder Hancock, Elder Hernandez and
Elder Davis making the sandwiches

Enjoying the fruits of their labor

Elder Davis takes a selfie with Elders Acedo,
Trejo and Soto

Elder Rivas with 2 boxes of El Libro de Mormon,
these are really heavy!
Elder Antayhua demonstrates esfuerza al maximo

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Zone Conferences and Interviews - Zapata Zone

Zapata Zone - November 14, 2016

We did the Zapata Zone in the Palenque Building.  It was wonderful to be with them and feel their spirit and enthusiasm for the work.

Hermana Haws teaching about the Christmas Initiative
President Haws teaching the Zone
I get to hug the Hermanas!

Hermana Jimenez, Freire, Me, Flores and Morales

Lunch is always enjoyed by everyone!

"Se ezfuerza al maximo"

The Hermanas with President & Hermana Haws

We did the Conference on their P-day, so after
the meetings, the Elders used the opportunity
to have a competitive game of soccer!

Zone Conferences and Interviews - Tenosique Zone

Tenosique Zone - November 13, 2016

On Sunday, November 13, Mexico had a special broadcast from Salt Lake City to all the members in Mexico.  We all gathered at our buildings to watch the special Conference.  We heard from Sister Carol F. McConkie, Elder Benjamin De Hoyos, Elder Robert D. Hales and Elder Russell M. Nelson.  President and I watched the broadcast with the members in Balancan.  After the broadcast we held our Zone Conference and Interviews with the Elders in the Tenosique Zone, since most all of them were at the broadcast.  We enjoyed a wonderful lunch prepared by President Agustin Valencia and his wife, Letti, he is the Second Counselor in the Mission Presidency and lives in Balancan.   It was a beautiful meal and a special treat for the missionaries.  President then interviewed each missionary and we introduced and taught about the Christmas Initiative.  The Balancan church building is set at the side of a lake and is a landmark in this town.  It is beautiful!
The Elders mingle with us before the Conference

Elder Davis teaches the Tenosique Elders
The Balancan Chapel

The Balancan Chapel across the lake