Sunday, November 27, 2016

The News and their Trainers

Each circle of life brings a series of miracles.  This last group of Elders we had arrive was our biggest one yet - 18! It is miraculous to see them all arrive safely, and then the miracle and the Lord's hand in guiding who will be their first companion and trainer, and then to see them all go out into their Area's in all the corners of the Mission.  Here is a peek into the day of meeting the companion/trainer.

Elder Hancock, Assistant to the President, instructs
the Missionaries

The New Missionaries meet their Trainers

Everyone goes in for breakfast together

Elder Gonzalez and Aguirre - Benemerito

Elder Peterson and Perez - Frontera

Elder Sanchez and Mortensen- Pomoca

Elder Velaquez and Fairbanks - Coatzacoalcos

Elder Gonzalez and Armenta - Balancan

Elder Balderas and Valle - Balancan

Elder Atoche and Maldonado - Minatitlan

Elder Pedroza and Prieto - Benemerito

Elder Wood and Walker - Minatitlan 

Elder Solano and Milan - Coatzacoalcos

Elder Jensen and De la Cruz - Minatitlan

Elder Lopez and Porres - Acayucan

Elder Hamblin and Carneiro - Minatitlan

Elder Taquichiri and Castillo - Coatza

Elder Roque and Ascencio - Gaviotas

Elder Gale and Cordoba - Gaviotas

Elder Romero and Urbano - Macusapana

Elder Knudsen and Cordova - Candelaria

Saturday, November 26, 2016

A Glimpse at Mexico Life

We were sitting in the car in a parking lot, studying and preparing for the next Zone Conference to start in a few minutes.  We were in front of an intersection, I began to watch the comings and goings at the intersection. . . this is what I saw in only 15 minutes. At some intersections here with a Stop light, when the light turns red, people go down the row of cars selling things, all different kinds of things, as you will see. I have said it before, the Mexican people and culture are incredibly innovative and industrious.  They do what needs to be done, what they can do and they roll with whatever that turns out to be.  It was a wonderful view for 15 minutes- look at all that I saw!
A cart selling wicker furniture and items.

A man selling toy airplanes.

A wonderful thing they have here, men come and
wash your windshield and you pay them a small
amount, and it is usually very good!

Airplane salesman and window washer.
A truck filled with cows.

A car wash, was directly across the street. Yes, this
is a car wash. Again they do a really great job!

Also, across the street, a car repair shop.

A truck filled with plants and trees for sale.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Mission Circle of Life - November

We had 9 Elders go home this month. President interviews each one of them and then we come to the Mission home and have a nice dinner, Fireside and watch a video of pictures from their mission.  We end each of these evenings with "Para siempre Dios esté con Vos" - "Until We Meet Again".  I love hearing this song with all the Elders deep voices and everyone is gathered around the piano, arms around each other and feeling it.  It is a wonderful, culmination of all of their service.  The next morning, we go to the airport and send them up the escalator and turn around and walk to the baggage claim doors.  This month we received 17 new/fresh missionaries from the CCM in Mexico City and 1 Elder from Argentina, who had gone to the Chile CCM.  So a total of 18 new missionaries!

The leaving Missionaries helping each other
get their luggage up to the Assistant's apartment
where they stay the last night.

The bags that have made it through
2 years of service.

The shoes that have walked 100's
of miles

The returning missionaries: Elders Alvarez, Santos, Hernandez,
Solano, Hna Haws, Pres. Haws, Satuala, Lynch, Knoblich,
Silva and  Valdez!

       The New Missionaries arrive. . .      
Seventeen New Elders!

Elder Cordoba from Argentina arrived in
the afternoon.

Bus ride to the Mission Office

Planning and Preparation for the Circle of Life

We just had a "circle of life" change over.  Nine Elders went home on Monday morning and we received 18 new Elders on Monday.  There is a lot of planning and preparing for this to happen.  One of the things includes feeding all of them.  We had 20 for dinner on Sunday night, 25 for breakfast and lunch on Monday, 44 for dinner. Then on Tuesday 44 for breakfast and lunch! Whew!  President works on the transfers and the assignment of trainers for the new elders for weeks. I work on planning the food, with Office Elders help and all of us work on the logistics and how we will make this all happen and at the end of the second day get 18 new companionships out to the far corners of the Mission. Here is a little of what the food and preparation look like.
Shopping at Sam's Club with Elder Avila and
Elder Moore
Elder Avila and Elder Moore load the
car- an show their amazement!

And then it is off to the kitchen-
to prepare
Thankfully, I have a giant freezer- so
I prepare ahead and freeze a lot!

News and Trainers eating breakfast

Elder Gale and Elder Cordoba
Elder Romero and Elder Urbano
Elder Knudsen and Elder Cordova
The French Toast casserole was a hit!

Elder Davis and Elder Hancock,
Assistants to the President