Monday, September 5, 2016

Our First Orthopedic Event

Well one of our Sisters took the esfuerza al maximo to the next level.  She broke a bone in her foot while they were out working and ended up getting x-ray's and a cast, including crutches.  Hermana Jarquin is the one in the cast and her companion, Hermana Garcia has been a great "mom", taking care of her and getting the help that she needs. But they haven't stopped contacting people and continuing to give their maximum effort - "esfuerza al maximo".  They even got the doctor to participate in their efforts!  We have the best missionaries in the world!!
Dr. Lopez with Hermana's Jarquin and Garcia


  1. Just showed this to Bob and he got a good laugh out of that second picture. Way to make lemonade out of lemons. And hey, is that COSTCO in the last picture?

    1. Good eye Judy. It is actually Sam's Club. We have 3 Sam's Club's in Villahermosa and a few Walmart's. They are wonderful! And feel like a piece of the United States, because they have a lot of products that are the same as the U.S. but Mexico brands. It is really helpful when you are caring for 160 missionaries!