Monday, August 22, 2016

Elder Haws visits Mexico

   Our youngest son, Elder Seth Haws, completed his mission on August 9th.  He served in the Idaho Nampa Mission.  On August 9th he got on a plane in Boise, Idaho and flew to Villahermosa Mexico, where his two extremely happy parents were - to greet him.  We had a most joyous reunion, we are so proud of him for his wonderful service to the Lord.  He loved his mission and the people in Idaho and Oregon where he served and he had many wonderful companions, which are now life-long friends.  It was an interesting thing to have a son return to your own mission, I must observe that I really do understand better what he has been doing for the past 2 years and his dad and I understood the mission jargon, requirements, schedules and terminology better than we ever would have without our own mission experience.  It was interesting for Seth to step inside another mission and see how things are similar and different.  The obvious differences were  Villahermosa - 90-100 degrees with 86% humidity most days,  Idaho - 40 to 80 degrees with 10% humidity; Villahermosa- no missionaries drive cars, ConVee's, taxi or Pochi only,  Idaho - all missionaries drive cars.  The list goes on, but you get the idea- pretty different.

We had a fabulous time visiting with Seth and catching up on life and planning and getting him ready for his next phase of life - BYU Provo.  He starts there this week, August 25th, Orientation begins.  Our daughter Emily was able to come down for a few days also and help get Seth back to California.  She was also here to help with his re-entry to pop culture and the 20's something life style, his dad and I really couldn't do that one.  Emily is fluent in Spanish and it was great to have her here with us and then to help Seth complete his journey back home through Mexico City.  They had a cancelled flight, so they had to change flights and airlines, then a delayed flight out of Mexico City.  Emily saved them with her Spanish and traveling skills.  They are now safely back in California and Seth is leaving for BYU on Wednesday. Emily has returned to Law School.

We took Seth with us to Coatzacoalcos, where
President did interviews.  It is on the
Gulf of Mexico, one of the edges of our
Mission.  We got to be mom & dad for a day.


  1. It was fun to hear about your mission from Seth and Emily. They kept telling us how awesome you are. I'm so glad you had this time together.

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    Just kidding. I always have lots to say.