Saturday, August 20, 2016

Sites from the Roads

We travel a lot!  Every week we are in multiple cities in our Mission.  Villahermosa is basically in the middle and then we go to the west to Acayucan and to the northwest to Coatzacoalcos, on the Gulf of Mexico with a huge shoreline and a huge port.  Then to the northeast to Ciudad del Carmen, which is on an island and is a huge port city, all the ships go out to the Gulf of Mexico. Then out to the east to Tenosique and the south to Palenque and way down south to Benemerito, which is on the border with Guatemala.  We see many interesting and wonderful things in our travels. I wanted to post just a few of the sites we have seen.   Here you go. . . .
This road was blocked by the Teacher's
Strike, no cars going through,so
the people decided to walk it.
Yes you can, in Mexico

This friendly guy is at the Farmacia,
welcoming all to come on in!

So young boys with put a rope across the road,
on the back roads, and make you pay to pass.
We haven't paid yet, but apparently some
people do pay, because they keep doing it.


  1. I'm intrigued by the place with the pig shape painted on it. Was it just decoration, or was it a farm, or were they selling pork?

  2. It is a place that they sell meat, if you look to the left you can see some meat hanging. Evidently, they sell pig (pork) or something like that.

    1. Bob would be their best customer.

  3. Keep an eye out for good road food.