Sunday, January 1, 2017

Preparations for the Mission Tour

We headed back out to all the Zones the first week of December on a Mission Tour with a visiting General Authority (see next post for details).  So as in all things in the Mission, when you are planning for 150 missionaries, it takes planning and preparation.  We did not have time to feed each Zone a sit down meal as we went through the Mission, so we prepared bag lunches for the missionaries to take with them from the Zone Conference.  These pictures are in the Mission Office as the Office Elders helped me to put all the items in the bags and count and sort the food bags into each Zone box.  We then sorted them into the day for that Zone and lined them up to go as we went out on the road again!
Elder Moore helps me with the water
and juice to begin, then we hand it off . . .
to Elder Anieves and Elder Acedo


  1. Those Elders are getting good training to be stake YM presidents when they get home.