Saturday, January 7, 2017

Preparation Day

Saturday is the Preparation Day for the Office Elders.  We are always very busy on Mondays with helping the Mission function and Mondays are transfer days and many other things happen on Monday that need the office's full attention. So early in the morning of the first Saturday in December, President and I joined the Office Elder's for a game of soccer and to practice our broom hockey game that we were planning to take out to all the Zones for Christmas activities.  We had a fun morning and even a little adventure.

Team Office- Elder Gale, Elder Anieves, Elder Davis, Elder Moore,
Elder Hancock, Elder Gramajo, Hermana Haws, Presidente Haws, Elder Avila

Elder Gale capture an iguana in
the parking lot of the church.

But we all had fun holding it and feeling brave!

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  1. Really, you need to keep one of those as a pet. You could put a leash on it and take it on your morning walk.