Saturday, December 31, 2016

Zone Conferences and Interviews - Carmen Zone

Carmen Zone - November 19, 2016
It is a selfie, because there was no one to take it!

Carmen Zone Hermana's with Hermana Haws
Hermana's Rolly, Romero, Keller, Mota, Perez, Warren,
Garcia and Perez

The Carmen Zone was the last of the nine Zones!  We followed the same format, but this time the Assistants did not attend and the Zone Leaders, Elder Herrera and Elder Hernandez did the teaching, while I introduced the Christmas Initiative- by this time I, personally,  had now watched the Christmas Initiative 50 times, because at each Zone Conference we watched it at least 4 times, because it was so good!  We loved it and the missionaries loved sharing it throughout December.

Elder Herrera teaching, with Elder Hernandez

Hermana Garcia & Perez with
Hermana Warren & Perez

Hermana Romero & Mota with
Hermana Keller & Rolly

Elder's Benitez & Coronel with
Elder Gomez & Hadley

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