Sunday, January 8, 2017

December - Circle of Mission Life

   December 12th was another day of change.  We sent home 12 wonderful missionaries, that we miss and love very much and who served their Heavenly Father faithfully and with esfuerza al maximo!  We had a Farewell dinner and fireside at the Mission home on Sunday night. Then Monday morning, we sent them all up the escalator at the airport and then turned around and walked to the other end of the airport and waited outside the glass doors for our group of new missionaries coming to us from the CCM in Mexico City.  We received a total of 21 missionaries this day, but 18 came from the CCM and arrived in the morning and 3 came from the Provo MTC and arrived in the evening.

Farewell to from left to right: Elders Mercado, Benetiz, Hernandez,
Walker, Beal and Moore.    Hermanas Lonngi, Warren, Keller,
Esquer, Cruz and Romero leaving Villahermosa.

Office Elders - Current Assistant Elder
Hancock, Former Secretary Elder Hernandez
Former Assistant Elder Herrera, Current
Assistant Elder Davis, Former Secretary
Elder Beal- all great Elders!!!

Hermanas Lonngi, Keller, Romero and Warren
with me!

The New group!  18 straight from the CCM in Mexico City
they arrived Monday morning.

The 3 that complete our group of New missionaries. Straight
from the Provo MTC. Arrived at 9pm Monday night.

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  1. I love that you document the comings and goings. These will be great memories for your missionaries.