Sunday, January 8, 2017

New Missionaries in December

      After the missionaries arrive at the airport we bring them to the Mission Office and the Villahermosa Stake Center, it is next to the Office.  We use the Stake Center for all our missionary meetings and trainings. We feed them, and then President interviews each missionary, while he interviews them the Assistants, Office Elders and I do an orientation to the Mission and the area. Then we introduce them to their companions and feed them again!  This day was a little more difficult, because over the weekend the power had gone out in the Office and then the Stake Center.  That means - no air conditioning and no lights, we cobbled together some laptops so the missionaries could email their parents, but it was a interesting day and the new missionaries got to feel the full force of the Villahermosa heat.  Welcome to southern Mexico!!  Everyone did fine and got to appreciate what it meant to have air conditioning every now and then.
The new missionaries meet their companions!!

Companionships meeting

Hermanas are so happy to meet !

Hermana Rodriguez with Hermana Scholes
in Villahermosa

Hermana Gonzalez with Hermana
Greenwood in Acayucan

Hermana Perez with Hermana Sanchez
in Villahermosa

Elder Maya with Elder Dial
in Minatitlan Zone
Elder Gonzalez and Elder Worley
in Gaviotas Zone
Elder Rodriguez and Elder Roque
in Gaviotas Zone

Elder Pace with Elder Vazquez
in Tenosique

Elder Houston with Elder Jackson
in Frontera

Elder Cardenas with Elder Gomez
in Ciudad del Carmen

Elder Rodriguez and Elder Travezaño
in Coatzacoalcos
Elder Gomez and Elder Graves
in Acayucan Zone

Elder Vizcaino with Elder Guzman
in Parilla, Gaviotas Zone

Elder Thompson and Elder Thaller
in Palenque

Elder Perez and Elder Mendez
in Zapata Zone

Elder Cardon with Elder Simmons
in Acayucan Zone
Elder Peterson and Elder Wilkins
in Acayucan Zone

Elder Lagos with Elder Aguilar
in Coatzacoalcos Zone
Elder Guadalupe with Elder Balderas
in Balancan 

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