Sunday, December 4, 2016

Zone Conferences & Interviews - Villahermosa Zone

Villahermosa Zone - November 10, 2016
   In November we made the rounds to each of the 9 Zones and President interviewed each missionary.  While President interviewed the Assistants and I taught the Zone.  We introduced the Christmas Initiative and and had the pleasure of show the video to the missionaries and talking about how we could use this and the "25 Ways in 25 Days" to find people to teach and to share this wonderful message with them.  We discussed the Day of Service on December 1st and then giving service throughout the 25 days until Christmas.

Elder Hancock teaches the Zone

Elder Davis helps translate as I teach about the
Christmas Initiative - #Light the World or "Ilumina el Mundo

The Zone watches the Initiative video

Pizza for lunch - the missionaries love it!

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  1. Do they have Pizza Hut or Domino's in Villahermosa?