Thursday, December 8, 2016

Zone Conferences and Interviews - Tenosique Zone

Tenosique Zone - November 13, 2016

On Sunday, November 13, Mexico had a special broadcast from Salt Lake City to all the members in Mexico.  We all gathered at our buildings to watch the special Conference.  We heard from Sister Carol F. McConkie, Elder Benjamin De Hoyos, Elder Robert D. Hales and Elder Russell M. Nelson.  President and I watched the broadcast with the members in Balancan.  After the broadcast we held our Zone Conference and Interviews with the Elders in the Tenosique Zone, since most all of them were at the broadcast.  We enjoyed a wonderful lunch prepared by President Agustin Valencia and his wife, Letti, he is the Second Counselor in the Mission Presidency and lives in Balancan.   It was a beautiful meal and a special treat for the missionaries.  President then interviewed each missionary and we introduced and taught about the Christmas Initiative.  The Balancan church building is set at the side of a lake and is a landmark in this town.  It is beautiful!
The Elders mingle with us before the Conference

Elder Davis teaches the Tenosique Elders
The Balancan Chapel

The Balancan Chapel across the lake

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