Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Zone Conferences and Interviews - Acayucan Zone

Acayucan Zone - November 17, 2016 

From Minititlan, the next day we went to the Acayucan Zone, the farthest Zone, to the west, in our Mission.  It is in the state of Vera Cruz.  We met with the missionaries there in the morning.  We had them make their own sandwiches again and it was a big hit. They had a choice of turkey, ham, or peanut butter and jam.  They configured many different combinations.  I brought along a can of refried black beans, because in Mexico, they put beans on their sandwiches!
President interviewed each missionary and the Assistants and I . . . introduced the Christmas Initiative and taught about teaching and finding investigators.
Missionaries waiting to talk
to Presidente Haws

Elder Davis translates for me as I teach.

The missionaries listen and prepare to take a turn
practicing a street contact with the Initiative


The Hermanas go first, Hermana's
Hernandez, Pérez, Gonzales and Greenwood

Elder Wilkins and Lopez and Porres

Elder Smith and Piña

Elder Garduño and Canche and Moya
Final thoughts after the group photo

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  1. Who is taking the pictures with both you and El Presidente in them? (Such as the last one)