Sunday, November 27, 2016

The News and their Trainers

Each circle of life brings a series of miracles.  This last group of Elders we had arrive was our biggest one yet - 18! It is miraculous to see them all arrive safely, and then the miracle and the Lord's hand in guiding who will be their first companion and trainer, and then to see them all go out into their Area's in all the corners of the Mission.  Here is a peek into the day of meeting the companion/trainer.

Elder Hancock, Assistant to the President, instructs
the Missionaries

The New Missionaries meet their Trainers

Everyone goes in for breakfast together

Elder Gonzalez and Aguirre - Benemerito

Elder Peterson and Perez - Frontera

Elder Sanchez and Mortensen- Pomoca

Elder Velaquez and Fairbanks - Coatzacoalcos

Elder Gonzalez and Armenta - Balancan

Elder Balderas and Valle - Balancan

Elder Atoche and Maldonado - Minatitlan

Elder Pedroza and Prieto - Benemerito

Elder Wood and Walker - Minatitlan 

Elder Solano and Milan - Coatzacoalcos

Elder Jensen and De la Cruz - Minatitlan

Elder Lopez and Porres - Acayucan

Elder Hamblin and Carneiro - Minatitlan

Elder Taquichiri and Castillo - Coatza

Elder Roque and Ascencio - Gaviotas

Elder Gale and Cordoba - Gaviotas

Elder Romero and Urbano - Macusapana

Elder Knudsen and Cordova - Candelaria


  1. I don't see Elder Terry with his new companion...

  2. It's amazing to see how the Lord works in this marvelous missionary work. Can't feel any happier to see pictures and read posts on missionaries coming and going. So excited to see next months transfer pictures, my little brother (Elder Sebastian Cardenas)is currently at the Mexico MTC; so for next transfers I will see him in this blog. Thanks so much to Sister Haws, for the wonderful work she does with this blog. You might not understand how comforting this blog is to all missionary families, to see pictures and know of everyday missionary life; brings peace of mind to our hearts and connects us to Villahermosa. To all the "Misioneros en Villahermosa, que El Señor los bendiga con mucha salud y fuerza, para que sean firmes y alegres en predicar el evangelio. Los habitantes de Villahermosa los necesitan!