Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Roadside Restaurant

As I have said, we travel many miles of highway each week. We pass many interesting and beautiful things.  I wish I could wear a camera on my head and capture everything I see, but I cannot and so I share with you what I can get pictures of.  We pass by many roadside eating places. Some I would call restaurants, others I would call tables with plastic table clothes and a grill.  One of the things I love about this country, is that everyone takes care of themselves and does what they can and how they can and everyone else is ok with that, in fact it is how this country survives. Everyone accepts what others do.  Anyway, we were coming back from Agua Dulce, a fabulous little town off the highway about 15km on the way to Coatzacoalcos.  We had finished our business in Agua Dulce and we hadn't eaten all day. So we decided to stop at a roadside restaurant, one of many that we have passed and never taken the time to stop.  We were delighted, the food was really good and the view from the back windows was tranquil and beautiful, rolling hills and a lake, with brama cows and bulls grazing on the hills. We were the only ones in the place, until two Federales came in- then we knew we had picked a good one, because they definitely looked like locals.


  1. "Roadside Restaurant" are two words that make Bob's heart leap for joy. It's right up there with "Hole-in-the-wall Restaurant." Start keeping a list of places like this for when we visit.

  2. Hi Sister Haws! My name is Nikki Tanner. I've been called to serve in Villahermosa! I have been trying to find an email to contact you and President Haws. I just have a few questions about the mission. :) What is the best way to reach you?