Sunday, October 2, 2016


My travels for apartment inventories took me to a small town in the far Northeast corner of the mission, Sabancuy.  It is the farthest town away from Villahermosa in the Northeast corner.  After you cross the island of Ciudad del Carmen, you drive along the edge of a peninsula on the Gulf of Mexico for about an hour and then cross a bridge from the peninsula onto the mainland to get into Sabancuy.  As you enter there is a large public square with a Catholic church that is the center of town.  We (I had Elder Moore and Elder Avila with me to help with the apartments) were searching for the Elders apartment in Sabancuy.  We had a street name and we were told that it was near a store.  At first we drove around trying to find it, then we came back to the square and asked some people.  There was a group sitting to one side, they said we don't know but ask those people, one of which was an older man with a Bread Cart.  As we drove up to the group, the man with the cart started to ride away, so I rolled down my window and flagged him down.  He said, do you want to buy some bread?  I said yes, maybe, I know he couldn't understand me, so I am trying to get the Elders attention, to talk to him, but they are talking to the other people. Again, he said do you want to buy some "pan" (Spanish for bread).  I said yes, this time.  Then the Elders turned their attention to him, in the meantime, I was buying bread from him.  4 rolls.  He did know where the place was and started to tell the Elders. Then he looked at me and said - doce. Meaning 12 pesos.  I dug out 12 pesos and handed it to him and off we went to find our Elders.  I looked at the Elders with me and said, he did say 12 pesos, right?  Yes he did. Because that is only about 50 cents for 4 big rolls of bread! And they were delicious.  It was another one of those moments, where I said, wow! I can't believe the experiences I am having here.  It was fabulous. We then wound through the streets of Sabancuy and found our Elders walking down the street!  We were also able to see the Casa de Oración.  In the small towns we don't have Church buildings, but sometimes we have small buildings that the Saints use for meetings, usually a one room building, it is called a House of Prayer- Casa de Oración.
Bridge to Sabancuy


Casa de Oración

Elder Avila, Elder Cascante, Elder Vizcanino, Elder Moore

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  1. I'm impressed you are out and about without your esposo. I hope all your adventures are as fun as this one!