Monday, September 19, 2016

Missionaries Apartments

One of the projects that I have taken on is to review all the missionaries apartments, for safety, cleanliness and inventory. As I mentioned, I started teaching about keeping the apartments clean and what is expected.   I have Office Elders that are helping me. We take an inventory and status check of each companionship's apartment. We then review all the Zones and we are gradually making our way across the mission.  We are eliminating clutter and getting rid of lots of extra items, such as beds, tables, etc.  Our mission once had 240 missionaries and we now have 160. So there is a lot of extra items in many apartments.  Also, I am looking at who has Clima (air conditioning unit).  The heat is very real here and it never cools down, so it is helpful for the missionaries to get a reprieve from the heat when they are sleeping and studying.  So we are working our way across the mission and getting Clima's in each apartment!  I have to review all the Sisters apartments and the Elders do the Elders apartments and sometimes President is able to go with me, which the missionaries love! As I have said our Mission covers a lot of miles, so we have 6 of the 9 Zones done and we will get to all of them!

Hermana Sump and Hermana
Warren in Coatzacoalcos

Hermana Jimenez and Hermana Mancilla
with Hermana Haws in Coatzacoalcos

Hermana Warren and Hermana
Morales with Hermana Haws in

President Haws overseeing things
in Hermana Cruz and Hermana
Garcia's apartment in Minatitlan

Hermana Weinmuller and Hermana
Hermandez let us in their apartment
in Minatitlan

President Haws explains a concept
to Hermana Weinmuller

Hidalgo Ward Hermanas get a Clima, in Villahermosa
President Haws helps put it together with
Hermana Scholes, Hermana Mero and Hermana Torres


  1. Beautiful sisters and mission mama, and I love that last photo of the clima going in!

  2. Are you guys adjusting to the heat and humidity? Are you getting any sense of seasons?