Sunday, September 11, 2016

September Mission Leadership Council

First Wednesday of each month we get to meet with our Mission Leaders. President trains the leaders on the principles of the Mission, this month he taught them about planning, working with the members and finding those that are looking for the gospel amongst the members and new converts. He always uses the Savior's example to illustrate the way we need to teach and lead.  I usually teach a part, this month we are working on cleaning and organizing their apartments.  I gave them tasks that will help them keep there apartments clean and orderly so that the Spirit can more easily dwell there.  We have wonderful Mission Leaders that go out and teach these principles to their Zones and then also lead by example.  MLC days are fun and have a lot going on, as the leaders get materials, packages and things from the office that they need for their Zone.  And there is always the need to practice our "esfuerza al m√°ximo"!

Esfuerza al maximo!
The office flurry after our meeting,
before they have to get on the bus or taxi
or Convee!

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