Saturday, June 10, 2017

Zapata District Conference

    We have seven Branches on the east side of the Mission that comprise the Zapata District; they are Zapata, Palenque, Candelaria, El Triunfo, Balancan, Tenosique and Benemerito.  They are all spread out over a great distance on the east side of the Mission, but they all come together twice a year for the District Conference in Zapata.  President Haws is the "Stake President" over the District, so the Conference is under his direction.  At the Conference on May 14th we had 480 people in attendance, we had to bring in all the chairs we could find and we had some people sitting in the foyer.  But the Spirit was great and there were wonderful messages and there is a feeling of strength that comes from gathering that many Saints together.  We had 26 missionaries there and many investigators!  The members from the farthest distances came in buses and Convees together, it was a great day for all that attended.

President and Hermana Haws with recent converts

The Elders from Balancan with the Zone Leaders.
Elders Canche, Diaz, Smith, Solano, Alvarez
and Dominguez
Hermanas Perez and Perez from Palenque Branch
with their Investigators
Elder Dial and Elder Roque from the Zapata/
Playa Larga Branch
Members and Missionaries gather outside,
preparing for their Convee and bus departures

Convees waiting to go

Members brought their lunch and enjoyed the
time together

Elder De La Cruz with members

The Benemerito Elders!  Elders
Avila, Mortenson, Estrella
and Romero

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