Sunday, June 25, 2017

June Mission Circle of Life

June 5th was our Transfer day and our send the grand missionaries home day and receive the wonderful excited new missionaries Day!  The circle of life turns very fast in the Mission.  It seems we just did this!
Los Grandes Misioneros! Leaving the Mission; Elders Amaro,
Davis, Najera, Solis, Sanchez, Urbano and Olvera

The final send off at the airport!
President Haws with some final words for them

Up the escalator they go!
Adios Villahermosa
The new missionaries:  Elders Fullmer, Navarro and Hernández
and Hermanas Velez and Kennedy

Loading the van to go to the office

Orientation with their companion/trainers with
Presidente Haws and the Assistants

Elder Fullmer with Elder Hamblin
going to Parrilla, Gaviotas Zone

Hermana Kennedy and Hermana Rodriguez
going to Buenavista in Minatitlan Zone

Hermana Mero and Hermana Velez
going to Puerto Real in Carmen Zone

Elder Navarro and Elder Canche
going to Macuspana in Gaviotas Zone

Elder Hernandez and Elder Porres
going to Comalcalco, Cardenas Zone

The News with their Trainers

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  1. I love these Circle of Life posts. A microcosm of life.