Saturday, June 10, 2017

Climas (Portable Air Conditioning) and Baptisms

So it is hot here!   We have portable air conditioning units that we have put in each of the missionaries apartments. This is one of the ways we help the missionaries to manage in the heat. Everyone told us that May is the hottest month of the year - and now we have lived through a May - and we can verify - that May is the hottest month of the year here!  It keeps up for several months.  Our missionaries have continued to work with esfuerza al maximo during the month of May and it was the most successful baptizing month that we have had since we arrived. We have seen blessings come from the diligence, obedience and continued efforts of our missionaries. All in 100 degrees or more with high humidity.
We have continued to deliver climas and replace climas throughout the month and here are the photos that showed the happy missionaries!
Hermana Martinez and me after
installing a clima

Really President?  I don't know. . .

Esfuerza al maximo!  We Can Do It!

Happy Success!

Another tricky installation

Again Esfuerza al maximo!

We all worked together. Elder Wilkins,
Elder Gomez, Me, Hermana Gonzales
and Hermana Jarquin

Again, Happy Success!

Hermana Garcia and Hermana Palomares
are ready to lend their esfuerza al maximo
to the project

This is the easy part. . .

Another tricky delivery, we found
some help from a member that
lives near the Hermanas

Hermanas Gonzales, Castenada, Ortega and
Hernandez at the Campestre building in
Coatza, ready for their clima

A successful and happy delivery!


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