Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Se Esfuerza al Máximo all over the Mission

In Preach My Gospel  or Predicad Mi Evangelio there is a section about what it is to be a successful missionary.  We started teaching the missionaries from this section from the first day that we started.  One of the attributes of a successful missionary is -"Work effectively every day, do your best to bring souls to Christ, and seek earnestly to learn and improve."  Well, President Haws pointed out from the beginning that it sounds better in Spanish and that he loved the important phrase "se esfuerza al máximo".  Here it is in Spanish- "Trabaja eficazmente todos los días, se esfuerza al máximo por llevar almas a Cristo y trata sinceramente de aprender y de mejorar".  It has become a theme throughout the Mission to express the desire to work with our maximum effort! Our missionaries think of it often and act it out frequently, with their Zone, companions, members, converts, and everywhere really.  I thought it would be fun to share some of the many different poses that have been struck:
Acayucan Zone Missionaries with members and Presidente
and Hermana Mata, First Counselor in the Mission Presidency

Elder Porres and Elder Rodriguez even
found Patrick getting into esfuerza! 

Elder Vizcaino, in the Office, as he is leaving to go
home to the Dominican Republic, has to get in
one last "Esfuerza"!

Hermana Perez and Hermana Perez in Palenque
with their recent converts!
Elder Aguilar and Elder Clifford with their
convert at her baptism!
Elder Rivas showing the esfuerza!

Hermana Garcia and Hermana
Palomares in Coatzacoalcos helping
with their clima delivery - esfuerza!
Elder Fairbanks and Elder DeLeon in Carmen!

Elder Maldanado, demonstrating his
artist work, of esfuerza al máximo!
Hermana Jarquin and Hermana Garcia even
got their doctor to show his esfuerza al máximo!
June Mission Leadership Council - Consejo, siempre demostrando
su esfuerza al máximo!

Elder DeLeon- esfuerza and
ready for the sun!
Balancan area Elders with Presidente Valencia, Second
Counselor in the Mission Presidency!

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