Tuesday, February 7, 2017

January's Circle of Mission Life

January 30th was our transfer day.  That means that we lost some, we gained some and we moved a lot of missionaries around.  It seems as if the whole ground is shaking this day as the mission realigns itself after the loss of seasoned missionaries, the addition of brand new missionaries and the new companionships that form because of all the necessary change.  Sunday night, January 29th we had our Farewell Dinner and Fireside for ten missionaries.  It was a wonderful evening of memories and stories and testimonies.  Everyone shared the many miracles that they had been a part of on their mission and they shared the great changes that had happened with them and the strong testimonies they had gained from serving the Lord full time.

Farewell to four wonderful Sisters, all going back
to the United States and all have had an
amazing, life changing experience!


The 10 leaving missionaries - Elders Vazquez,
Martinez, Trejo, Lopez, Thaller, Velazquez and the
Hermanas Scholes, Greenwood, Weinmuller
and Garcia

    Monday morning we went to the airport and said goodbye and sent them up the escalator.  We then turned around and went to the glass doors by the baggage claim and received seven new missionaries from the CCM.
Farewell to the Missionaries!
Hermana Garcia, Hermana Greenwood, Hermana
Haws, Hermana Weinmuller and Hermana Scholes
Adios México!!!
The Elders go up the escalator

The Hermanas go up the escalator


It was also a time of goodbye for us to Elder Davis.  He has been the Assistant to the President since we arrived 7 months ago.  He was the Assistant to the President for 8 months.  He was a great help to us as we figured out how to do things here in Mexico and in the Mission.  We appreciate his service and great example in the work of the Lord.  Thank you Elder Davis!  He is now a Trainer, with a brand new missionary in an town called Triunfo, in the Tenosique Zone.  It is very rural and one of the farthest towns from Villahermosa.  He is looking forward to building the Church there.

Farewell Elder Davis, from the Office!

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