Sunday, February 5, 2017

Elder Oaks Visit to Villahermosa

January 14-15 Elder Dallin H. Oaks came to Villahermosa Mexico.  He came to meet with the Priesthood leaders in our Coordinating Council of the 9 Stakes in our Mission boundaries.  He met with the Stake Presidents, Mission President and Temple President first, then met with all the Priesthood leadership from the 9 Stakes.  Saturday evening he held a special meeting with all the Young Single Adults (YSA) - Jovenes Adultos Solteros (JSA) in Mexico.
Sunday morning he held a 3 Stake Conference at a Conference building on the Fair Grounds.  It was Villahermosa, Gaviotas and Cardenas Stakes- 2,200 people attended.  It is a rare opportunity to hear from an apostle in person and many people took advantage of the opportunity.
   President and I both spoke at the 3 Stake Conference.  Elder Oaks had all the full-time missionaries in attendance stand up, we all stood up, then he asked all the Ward and Stake missionaries to stand up, a few more stood up, then he asked all the missionaries to stand up - it took a minute for everyone to realize that they should all be standing!  Then he made the point that we should all be working together to help find those that are seeking the truth in the gospel of Jesus Christ.
The 3 Stake Conference at the Fair Grounds

The monitor on the stand shows what is being
projected on the screens in the back of the room

Everyone stands as Elder Oaks leaves
President Haws speaking at the Conference
Hermana Haws speaking at the Conference
Two of our lovely Hermana's.  Hermana Scholes
and Hermana Rodriguez with Hermana Haws at
the Conference.

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  1. Hermana Haws, speaking in Spanish in the presence of an Apostle--you are my hero!