Thursday, February 2, 2017

Haws Kids Visit - Part 2 Palenque

You just can't come to this part of the world and not see the ruins at Palenque.  They are world famous and rightly so, they are spectacular.  President and I have been to Palenque at least 15 times in the 6 months that we have been here and never been to the ruins.  So the kids provided a great reason to go to THE Palenque.  The Mormon Church building in Palenque just doesn't count.  Palenque is a famous archaeological site of ruins from a Maya City that flourished from about 266 BC to 799 AD.  It is only about 2% uncovered.  The jungle literally just swallowed it.  But there is a lot to see and many, many people come from all over the world to see it.  We enjoyed climbing up and down the temples and seeing the hieroglyphic inscriptions.
The temple of the Queen
Seth, Emily, Sam and President Haws

The view of Palenque behind us

The view from the top of the temple

The steps were very steep and
uneven to the top
Emily, Seth and Sam enjoying the sites and sun

The hieroglyphs in the court area

The living quarters

Enjoying a refreshing coco water
straight from the coconut!

Cascades Agua Azul~
Another amazing place about an hour and half south of Palenque are some waterfalls and a river called Agua Azul.  The color of the water was so blue and the beauty of the river and the many waterfalls were gorgeous!

Cascades Agua Azul

We are at the main waterfalls here

We hiked about 3 miles up to the top, where the
river comes out of the mountain

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  1. I visited Palenque in 1979 when I was in Mexico with BYU. It was spectacular. I wonder if any more has been uncovered since my visit? I look forward to seeing it again! The Cascades Agua Azul is gorgeous. Another place for our list!