Tuesday, February 7, 2017

January Zone Conferences

In January we went to all the Zones and President did training with all the missionaries, then we had lunch and they each had an interview with President.  President did training on how to teach, at each Zone he had them practice teaching with each other and with him. Then they would stop at the end of the teaching and evaluate what went well, what did they miss, what could they have done better, what did they incorporate from President's teachings that was good.  It was very effective in helping the missionaries to see and evaluate the teaching methods he had just taught them.  Then for lunch we did a sandwich bar, I brought all the fixings and they each made their own sandwich on a special roll here called a bolillo - just ask your missionary what is a bolillo!  They sell them in the streets from little carts, they sell them in the grocery stores and even at Sam's Club.  The carts ride through the streets calling bolillos, hot fresh bolillos, etc - over and over.  They are really good!
Here are some photos from this month's Zone tour:
The Zone Leaders in the Acayucan Zone,
Elder Moya andElder Piña, enjoy
watching to new missionaries teaching.

President Haws observes while the
Elders Hendricks and Elder Graves
teach two "fishermen" Elder Cardon
and Elder Lagarda

The Acayucan Zone Elders (there are no Sisters
in this Zone) with Hermana Haws! Elders Lagarda,
Lopez, Simmons, Piña, Cardon, Hendricks, Moya,
Peterson, Wilkins and Graves. In front are Elders
Gomez and Smith

In the Minatitlan Zone, Elder Maya is
training a new Elder Dial -
wonderful missionaries!

In the Minatitlan Zone, Elder Martinez
is finishing the second half of Elder
Wood's training - great missionaries!

More practicing in the Carmen Zone

President Haws sets up the teaching area, for the
missionaries to come teach a lesson in the
Carmen Zone Conference

In the Carmen Zone, Hermanas Jarquin, Soto and
Perez are in a triple companionship

The Hermana's in the Coatzacoalcos Zone,
Hermana Haws with Hermanas Bustos, Hernandez,
Freire, Mero and Martinez

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