Monday, October 3, 2016

Pepe to the Rescue

We are learning a lot about living in southeast Mexico.  We travel a lot to all corners of our Mission.  A couple of weeks ago President Haws and the Assistants learned something about gasoline stations along our travel paths.  It seems that there are Pemex stations everywhere, we have come to expect them, in big towns, in small towns and even every once in a while on the highways.  Well, we now know that there are no Pemex stations after you leave Macuspana on the highway to Zapata.  We would normally expect to find one every 30 kilometers or so. . . well, President and the Assistants were driving to Zapata late in the day, expecting to find a Pemex along the way. When no gas station appeared, President kept looking down and the trip mileage finally said 0 km to empty, it had been 30 minutes since they left a city and at least 20 minutes to go until they got to a city and there was no promise there would be a Pemex there.  President pulled over in tiny town, Francisco Escárcega, really just a wide spot in the road, and knew he had to find gas somehow.  They asked around and found Pepe, he runs a little restaurant. He said, he could probably find some gas, just wait.  Sure enough, one of Pepe's helpers comes back in a few minutes with 20 L of gas.  It was a fun and interesting encounter for all invovled.  Pepe and his friends got to meet and hear from 3 Mormon Missionaries and President and the Assistants got some much needed help and made new friends, that will be visited again!  The Lord works in mysterious ways, but we always feel watched over and taken care of, we know we are not alone in this work.
Pepe's restaurant

President Haws with Pepe, Elder Herrera oversees
the fueling.

Elder Davis helps out to make sure all is well.

President Haws is filled with gratitude to Pepe!

All's well that ends well!

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  1. Great story! You know you can always call me if you run out of gas. Well, maybe not...