Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Circle of Life

Just as in real life, in every Mission there is a circle of life. Every 6 weeks we loose our best, most experienced and seasoned missionaries and we get a brand new group that are fresh and eager and need to be trained. So we spend a day training them with their Trainers and then turn them over to the Training missionaries to learn.  Then usually the next day is Mission Leadership Council.  It happens over and over again and will continue for the next 3 years (and beyond, we just won't be here to see it).
  We have a farewell dinner and fireside with the Missionaries that are leaving at the Mission home. It is a celebratory evening.  The next morning we meet them at the airport and say goodbye and send them up the escalator to get on their planes. We then turn around and go to the baggage claim area and await our new group of missionaries.  They come through the sliding doors and we are filled with excitement and possibility, that the new missionaries bring with them from the CCM in Mexico City.  President interviews them and we give them a brief training that day.  The next day they meet their companions and receive more training together.  No matter if they are coming or going or all the in between, President Haws is always teaching!  Thus we see the circle of missionary life go around and around and around, we hope returning successful, converted missionaries back into the real world.
Elders leaving the Mission on Sept. 26, 2016 at
the Farewell Dinner & Fireside

Elders leaving at the Villahermosa airport, one of
the Elders pulled out his Columbian flag for the occasion

New Missionaries arriving Sept. 26, 2016

New Missionaries and their Trainers
President Haws teaching at the Farewell Fireside

President Haws teaching the New Missionaries in
the Mission Office

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  1. Mom! You look so cute in ALL of these pictures! I especially love that red dress. It is so fun to see all of your mission "kids" who must love you to pieces!