Saturday, November 12, 2016

Planning and Preparation for the Circle of Life

We just had a "circle of life" change over.  Nine Elders went home on Monday morning and we received 18 new Elders on Monday.  There is a lot of planning and preparing for this to happen.  One of the things includes feeding all of them.  We had 20 for dinner on Sunday night, 25 for breakfast and lunch on Monday, 44 for dinner. Then on Tuesday 44 for breakfast and lunch! Whew!  President works on the transfers and the assignment of trainers for the new elders for weeks. I work on planning the food, with Office Elders help and all of us work on the logistics and how we will make this all happen and at the end of the second day get 18 new companionships out to the far corners of the Mission. Here is a little of what the food and preparation look like.
Shopping at Sam's Club with Elder Avila and
Elder Moore
Elder Avila and Elder Moore load the
car- an show their amazement!

And then it is off to the kitchen-
to prepare
Thankfully, I have a giant freezer- so
I prepare ahead and freeze a lot!

News and Trainers eating breakfast

Elder Gale and Elder Cordoba
Elder Romero and Elder Urbano
Elder Knudsen and Elder Cordova
The French Toast casserole was a hit!

Elder Davis and Elder Hancock,
Assistants to the President


  1. All those massive family Thanksgivings at your house, not to mention the stake YW functions, uniquely prepared you to be chief chef in the Villahermosa Mission. That is a LOT of food and a LOT of time in the kitchen. You definitely need a clone.

  2. Wow, those are some big numbers for meals!