Sunday, April 16, 2017

My Birthday in the Mission

I always tell the missionaries on their birthday- "It is great to have a birthday in the Mission!"  So I finally got to see for myself, how great it was to have a birthday in the Mission - and it was!  It is a place that you feel the love of those serving with you and those that surround you in the Wards and Branches.  On my birthday the Office Elders planned some special things for me.  They got me a birthday cake, made me a card and even had some special food brought in from one of the Elder's home town, they got me a Mexican blouse and belt. Then to top it off they and other missionaries sang to me the Mexican Birthday song!  It was great to feel their love and kindness.
Office Elders and Me- from left; Elder Wilkins,
Elder Olvera, Elder Gramajo, Elder Piña,
Elder Gomez and Elder Anieves
The beautiful birthday cake!

The Office group - Gracias Elders!

The little feast

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  1. Hey, if you can't go out with your usual group of girlfriends for your birthday, this is a good fill-in!