Saturday, April 22, 2017

3 Weeks Training

The new missionaries and their trainers at 3 Week Training
at the Villahermosa Stake Center
We bring the missionaries that arrived most recently, at their 3 week mark in the mission, into the Mission Office for training.  We discovered that when they arrive the first day from the CCM, they are tired, anxious and unfamiliar with everything around them, so we didn't feel like they were absorbing very much of what we were teaching and explaining to them about the Mission.  We now bring them into Villahermosa, once they have been here for 3 weeks, they are more acclimatized to their surroundings, they have been able to work and meet people and they are better able to absorb the teachings and trainings that we do, also, they know what questions to ask and what we are teaching makes sense to them.  And they get to receive a big dose of love from us!   Here is the March group, when they came back for their training, each with their companions.
Elders Sosa and Peterson in Mercedes,
 Gaviotas Zone

Elders Rivas and Villarreal in Tenosique,
Tenosique Zone

Elders Carraso and San Pablo in Candelaria,
Tenosique Zone

Elders Serrato and Cordoba in San Pedro,
Acayucan Zone

Hermanas Huber and Wilson in Hidalgo,
Villahermosa Zone

Elders Aguilar and Correon in Petrolera,
Cardenas Zone

Elders Raudales and Valasquez in Gaviotas
Coatzacoalcos Zone

Elders Urbano and Mancilla in Macuspana,
Gaviotas Zone 

Elders Cottrell and Bauzan in Las Choapas,
Coatzacoalcos Zone

Elders Gramajo and PiƱa, Assistants
to the President

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  1. Great idea! You sound like old pros yourself now after a few weeks (okay, almost a year) of experience.