Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March Departures - Salidas

   In March we had two different departure groups. The first group of 4 Elders left on March 4th, all wonderful, great missionaries that will be missed.  Our second group of missionaries left March 13th, 3 Elders and 1 Hermana.  They all are experienced, successful missionaries and Mission leaders - they will be missed!
March 13th Group Farewell Dinner and Fireside
at the Mission Home, Elder Gonzalez, Hermana
Sump, Elder Cordova and Elder Davidson.

The Hermanas in Villa gathered to say goodbye
to Hermana Sump

March 4th Group Farewell Dinner and Fireside at the
Mission home
Elders Trejo, Houston, Gomez and Maya 

March 4th - Adios Elders!

Elder Houston had a separate departure time.
Adios Elder Houston!

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  1. Love the selfie at the end. We saw what I think was a mission president and a missionary (maybe the AP?) in the San Juan Puerto Rico airport. They were in a hurry or I would have stopped to talk to them. It made me think of you!